Liquid Roofing

HBS Ltd are a nominated installer of 3M™.
3M™ Employs 75,000 people worldwide and is leading the way in innovative products and services that are guaranteed

5 – 30 year Product Warranty / Guarantee
– A typical 25 year system

25 Year Scotchkote™ Roofing Premier Plus Flat / Inverted Roof System

  1. Roof Substrate
  2. Scotchkote™ primer (if required)
  3. 1st Coat Scotchkote™ Poly-Tech EC 661
  4. Scotchkote™ 225gm Premier Plus 055 reinforcing mat
  5. 2nd Coat Scotchkote™ Poly-Tech EC 661
  6. Finish Coat Scotchkote™ Poly-Tech UV 662

Key Benefits:

  • Waterproofing encapsulation at a fraction of the cost of roof replacement.
  • Waterproofing guarantee can vary from 5 years to 30 years depending on clients requirements.
  • All 3M liquid roofing products come with BBA approval, provided with product guarantees as standard.
  • Ideal for maintenance for new and existing lease hold properties. The Building will not have to be vacated whilst the works can be carried out safely.
  • No loss of production whilst work is carried out therefore no loss of revenue.
  • Can be used for emergency patch repairs as well as a full system.
  • Can be applied in the rain even through ponding water.
  • Seamless finish with colours available to highlight hazardous roof-lights.
  • UV resilient coating available.

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Liquid Roofing Case Studies




3M™ Scotchkote™ (formally known as Thortex) is a cold applied, elastomeric liquid plastic roofing membrane. It is also used as a high performance specialist coating and repair product. This product is used throughout the world to protect and maintain buildings, structures and equipment. It protects against extreme weather, corrosion and chemicals. Scotchkote™ offers up to a 30 year guarantee on this product. They are the leading manufacturer in this industry.

HBS Ltd are a nominated installer of 3M™. We provide professional advice and high quality service to satisfy commercial and industrial needs.

Domestic or non-commercial clients can purchase this product on a supply only basis direct from HBS Ltd. We provide professional advice on installation and quantities required. Please note, unless the product has been installed by HBS Ltd or another nominated installer then the 3M product warranty is invalid on this basis.


Asbestos Roofs
Cost effective asbestos cement sheet encapsulation

Flat Asphalt Roofs
Short term solution to flat roof waterproofing

Mineral Felt Roofs
Single coat application with no priming required

Single Ply Roof Membranes
Waterproofs joints, seams seals, leaks

Waterproof all types of gutters with only local reinforcement

Flat Roof Areas
Weather proofs and waterproofs without the need to strip of existing roof materials

Scotchkote™ Liquid Membrane Downloadable
PDF Guides for Flat Roof Repairs:

pdf-60px 5 Year System
pdf-60px 10 Year Summer System
pdf-60px 10 Year Winter System
pdf-60px 15 Year Flat RoofSystem
pdf-60px 15 Year Pitched System (inc Corrugated Roofs)
pdf-60px 20 Year Pitched System (inc Corrugated Roofs)
pdf-60px 25 Year Flat RoofSystem

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