Chiltonian Industrial Estate


Chiltonian Industrial Estate, Lewisham

Project Liquid Roofing:
HBS were successful in tendering for the project as main contractor

Scope of works:
To restore the 3000m2 area of roofing

Project Value:

In addition to our on-going redevelopment project at Chiltonian Industrial Estate, we’ve recently completed refurbishment works to extend the life of the roofs to several of the occupied units.

Undertaking a complete roof replacement programme would have proved expensive and disruptive and so with our partners Giromax, we used various solutions to remedy the different areas of disrepair.

To restore the 3000m2 area of roofing showing severe signs of coating delamination, we applied the Giromax Girosil Roofcoat RC system. This coating provides outstanding resistance to weathering and maintains lasting flexibility and adhesion without cracking or peeling.

The 400m of cut edge corrosion was treated using Giromax Girosil Edge RC-E system, which treats both the top and reverse side of the cut edge through advanced corrosion treatment and encapsulation. To re-line the Gutters we used the Giromax Girosil gutter RC-G system which provides a protective, watertight solution.

The £150k project which has left the roofs in a fully maintained condition took 4 weeks to complete.

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