Are there more cost-effective solutions to scaffolding?

Are there more cost-effective solutions to scaffolding?

Quite often we’re asked how to achieve the same goal but with keeping a keen eye on costs. Any external redecoration project involving a building more than one storey in height is very likely to require scaffolding. This protects the safety of those employed to carry out the work in line with health and safety legislation. Scaffolding will increase the cost of a building or refurbishment scheme considerably because of the time it takes to erect and dismantle which can be a cause of frustration when the project is on the small size. Recent innovations within the industry are providing commercial and industrial building contractors with another option when it comes to working safely at height – which is also delivering cost benefits to clients. Suspended access platforms, also known as power cradles, are relatively new systems which enable to safely raise and lower personnel and building materials to various heights using cabling and powered winches. Instead of a multi-level scaffolding facility to provide builders with the access they require, the access platform is instead suspended from roof rails or from a specially designed support structure which is simply lowered or raised depending on the builder’s working position. Among the numerous benefits of power cradles is the speed at which they take to install reducing the overall project duration and their suitability to a wide range of building and redecoration projects. This alternative to scaffolding is ideal in façade redecoration projects, cleaning and maintenance works, elevator checks and installation, chimney work and general construction jobs. In hazardous working environments such as industrial sites, pneumatic winches can be used to eliminate the spark risk. Power cradles also cause no obstruction on the ground and are less noisy which minimises any inconvenience on businesses and pedestrians. One of the biggest benefits of suspended access platforms is the cost. Generally speaking, these systems are cheaper to use than scaffolding and the larger the building, the bigger the saving. HBS Ltd often uses a combination of suspended access platforms and traditional scaffolding to secure full access while also delivering savings. Power cradles (images below) are health and safety compliant and like all projects are covered by the CDM2007 health and safety regulations. Very few companies have the skill, experience and training to carry out work from power cradles. Our operatives are fully trained and very experienced at working from cradles and wear safety harnesses while on the platform. Clients and surveyors are able to inspect the work whilst supervised by a member of our site management team.

HBS Ltd Power Cradles
HBS have recently used a combination of power cradles and traditional systems on two recent external redecoration projects: High rise and low level apartments within a community housing development owned by The Oxo Tower on London’s South Bank and also a retail centre in Brixton. We have also recently secured a new project
to a large art deco building in Central London. In all cases, using power cradles has resulted in substantial savings in both cost and build programme compared to traditional scaffold.

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